Zahuwa Rifath (a.k.a Zahu)

Over the years, across seas and continents, Zahu has always known she would be an artist. She started out as a career diplomat, with Japan as her first overseas posting, and in-between the mountains and cityscapes where her oldest daughter learned how to stand, Zahu’s desire for creativity was transmuted into a focused passion for photography. While learning her way around a camera, Zahu began exploring alcohol ink art, which have remained her primary mediums for creativity ten years later.

Living in moments that are memories in the making — that’s when Zahu’s instinct calls for her to take photographs most earnestly. In her travels and within her journey of personal growth, Zahu recognizes value in lessons learned from the not-so-great days, too. When her youngest daughter was born in Spain, Zahu was a stay-at-home mother exploring her creativity with audiobooks, fine-tuning her unique photographer’s eye by capturing authentic, lived-in moments through her art.

Traveling with her family can be challenging sometimes, but exploring different cultures, languages and flavors in this way have definitely shaped who she is today. Zahu dreams of having her own studio and wearable art jewelry brand someday, and she’s recently been exploring glass mediums creatively to bring her dream closer to reality.

At Oaga Art Resort, Zahu is grateful to have found her tribe with creatives that believe in her potential. When Zahu left her career and moved back home with her children, she never imagined there would be a place like Oaga Art Resort waiting for her, to show off her skills. Zahu has been learning a lot on-the-job about interesting things like videography and cinematography, and she can’t wait for what the future holds for her with the Oaga team.