Mirah Ally (a.k.a digital flock)

Mirah is our audio consultant lending his exceptional ear for sound to elevate Oaga’s vibes and deliver a musical experience that matches the energy of the island.

Mohamed Auzam (a.k.a Keyolhu)

Born to the far north in Bilehfahi island of Shaviyani Atoll, our Keyolhu is a certified wild card fit to captain any vessel and navigate any weather, with a whole lot of skills and creativity up his sleeve.

Nadee Rachey (a.k.a Nadee)

Junior Curator – Suvāsthi Retail Gallery
Nadee is a storyteller enamoured by the ocean, exploring her inner self through art using patterns and colours across different mediums

Hassan Emaan (a.k.a Revi)

Revy is a digital artist and illustrator, bridging the gap between dream concepts and original creativity with a flair of whimsy in his brushstrokes.

Hussain Adnan (a.k.a Ted)

Ted is a visual content creator mining years of diligent industry experience to capture art in motion, with complements to tellers of the story.

Ahmed Sobah (a.k.a Toxicrew)

Sobah is a multi-disciplinary street artist transmitting open and sincere messages that vibrantly disrupt the urban daze.

Aishath Zulfishan (a.k.a Xubba)

Aishath Zulfishan, a Beys Goyye native to the southern atoll of Addu, is the creative force behind the exclusive wellness concept we introduce to guests at HOBA Spa.