Let Loose & Unwind with Raa Baa Beats at Oaga Art Resort

Imagine this: turquoise waters lapping at your feet, the night sky brimming full of stars and the infectious rhythm of live music filling the air. That’s the magic of Raa Baa Beats, our recurring weekend escape designed for the creatively inclined soul.

Raa Baa Beats offers a short but sweet weekend package, perfect for nearby expats, pilots, or anyone yearning for a quick dose of fun and entertainment. You hop on a speedboat from Male’, arriving at Oaga’s doorstep just in time to sink into the infectious rhythm of a local Maldivian band or musician. Later in the night, the energy shifts, and a resident DJ takes over, keeping the party pulsating under the star-dusted Maldivian sky.

The beauty of Raa Baa Beats lies in its simplicity. It’s a chance to unwind and reconnect, whether you’re a resident of the Maldives or just a stone’s throw away on a nearby island. We offer special weekend packages that include everything you need for a quick refresh: return transfers from Malé, a luxurious one-night stay in one of our Veyoge Gallery Pool Villas, all-inclusive beverages (because let’s be honest, what’s a beach party without a tropical cocktail?) and a breakfast spread to fuel your next adventure.

Think of it as a micro-vacation for the senses. Take a dip in the pool, soak up the atmosphere, and let the music wash your worries away. Raa Baa Beats isn’t just about the party (though it definitely gets lively!), it’s about creating memories that resonate long after the last beat fades.

So, ditch the long-winded vacation plans and trade them for a vibrant weekend escape as Raa Baa Beats. It’s the perfect dose of island bliss, with a soundtrack to match.


At Oaga Art Resort, we’re not about the ostentatious. We believe in creating a space for artistic exploration and joyful connection. Raa Baa Beats is our way of sharing a slice of this island with you, seasoned with the rhythm of live music and good company. So, come as you are, feel the sand between your feet and let the music wash your worries away for the night.

Ready to trade your workweek blues for island vibes? Check out our upcoming Raa Baa Beats events and book your spot.

Upcoming Beats:

Sandpaper (June 27th): Let loose and groove to the soulful tunes of Sandpaper.

DJ Afru & Axam (June 28th): Get ready to dance the night away with this unique pairing of Saxophonist & DJ!

Price: $400 per couple per night (inclusive of service charge and GST) for return transfer, beverages, evening entertainment, overnight stay in Veyoge Gallery Pool Villa and breakfast.