About Oaga

…it is with glee we welcome thee saying ‘Aanlheoa,’ to come witness true Maldivian hospitality…

A contemporary, homegrown brand driven by a Maldivian team to curate an experience elevating the collective story of the Maldives islands with a platform for local artists and craftsmen.

For centuries, it has been customary to welcome you with ‘Aanlheoa’, exclaimed with open hearts upon the arrival of a traveler to one’s island. Here at Oaga, we are all about feeling and being in the moment, through hospitality that feels authentic and close to home.

Oaga represents an eclectic blend of activities and vivid impressions for curious travelers, with something for everyone around the corner – inspired by the best of Maldivian history, art, culture, and heritage. We invite you to explore what the real Maldives has to offer as they create their own story, on the island where we make the magic of stories come beautifully alive.