We know we have to be determined and act to be part of the change needed on Earth right now. We welcome you to join us on our journey towards a more sustainable home. Here are some initiatives we have taken in and around the island:

Giving back to Local Cottage Industries

The welcome snacks and condiments we provide on arrival are handmade and locally sourced from individual sellers in nearby islands.

Our galleries serve as a platform to spotlight talented local creatives to tourists visiting the Maldives, offering guests a chance to interact with and own an authentic piece of artwork by local artists and establishing a new platform to explore for the local art community.

The base oil used for ‘Huva’ at Hoba Spa, is made by a small team of Maldivian women from the island of Thinadhoo. They make the coconut oil by cooking in low heat with firewood or ”Dharu Un’dhun”, as have been age old custom.

Up-cycled Liveable Spaces

A lot of the liveable spaces and furniture you see, have been constructed using up-cycled materials, such as the barrel counters placed inside the rooms and Raa Baa.

Venues such as the Suvāsthi Studio and Kraken Water-sports Centre are made from refurbished containers.

Self-sufficient Water

Almost half a million plastic bottles are discarded across Maldives every year. We have built our own bottling plant to reduce dependency on single use plastics.

Drifted Waste Collection Manta

Discarded or drifting in the ocean, plastic debris can accumulate on the water’s surface or sink to cause permanent damage to the surrounding ecosystem.

We have designed a Manta near the arrival jetty as an interceptor of such plastic, taking inspiration from the filter feeding process these magnificent ocean beings use, sometimes causing them to ingest such debris.

Please help us collect any such drifting plastic you come across into this plastic Manta-ceptor, in order to preserve our ocean life.

Coral Nursery & Restoration

In 2018, a coral nursery was initiated in partnership with Coral Alive by creating 60 metal reef structures, powered by Mineral Accretion Technology (MAT). This supports the corals through low voltage direct current electrolysis that supports the 7000+ coral fragments in the nursery. Today, a total of 300 structures have been placed and populated, with a target to restore the entire house reef completely by 2028.

Food Cycle: From Kitchen to Ollie’s Farm

Once Ollie’s farm is fully operational, the food scraps from the restaurant kitchens will be used to feed the farm animals, completing the cycle and bringing food wastage to a minimum.

The main restaurant offers al la carte’ options for lunch and dinner, in line with our efforts to use locally sourced ingredients as much as possible and lowering the food waste generated from our kitchens on a daily basis.

Limiting Energy Consumption

We advise our guests to switch off lights and appliances when stepping out of the villa, to help us reduce fossil (or dirty) fuel emissions.

We change the linen every three days to conserve water and save energy, but it will be done earlier upon request where required.

We change the towels every three days to minimize the use of laundry chemicals and detergents that hurt Earth. However if the towel is on the floor, it will be replaced.

The comfort-connecting-luxury brand crafted for guests at Oaga Art Resort has core values of collectively and individually embracing a love of nature, humanism, creativity and community togetherness. With these efforts, we hope to support the awesome community of artists and craftspeople creating value and contributing to the Maldives’ island story. Come on in, for certified good vibes and some really cool connective experiences.