Sound Healing Concert Under the Maldivian Moon: A Symphony of Tradition and Harmony at Oaga Art Resort

As the curtain lowered on 2023, a luminous arc of the last full moon cast its ethereal glow over Oaga Art Resort in the Maldives. This wasn’t just a moment to bid farewell to the year; it was the stage for a sound healing concert orchestrated by the visionary Xubba (Aishath Zulfishan), with the musical arrangement brought together by musician and performer Alikko (Aleef Anwar). As a trailblazer in introducing traditional Maldivian medicine to a resort setting, Xubba’s 18 years of dedicated expertise as a traditional healer culminated in the creation of Hoba Spa, an oasis where modern wellness weaves seamlessly with ancient healing rituals.

The stage pulsated with a diverse symphony of healing vibrations. Xubba herself wove magic with the resonant hum of Tibetan singing bowls, setting the tone for an evening of transformation. The resort’s Spa Manager, Laura Pagano’s crystal singing bowls chimed in, while Alikko orchestrated the Rav Vast Drum and a tapestry of percussions. In-house residents and artists added their melodies, creating a mesmerising fusion of Maldivian sounds and contemporary sonic landscapes. This included blowing of the local conch shell, the traditional drum Boduberu (by Naji), Guitar (by Humam), Wood Clappers by in-house artist Zaain and a stellar impromptu body movement performance by Raai.

This wasn’t a mere concert; it was a three-act journey designed to tap into the transformative power of sound. Xubba envisioned a space where music and tradition could celebrate life and unity, fostering a community pulsing with positive energy and the therapeutic vibrations of music.

Echoes of Healing: Xubba’s Vision in Harmony

Reflecting on the concert, Xubba emphasised the significance of weaving music and sound into a healing tapestry. Each piece was meticulously crafted, infused with the rhythm and soul of Maldivian dialects and profound meaning. Guided meditations and visualisations painted vivid landscapes, inviting participants to delve into the rich heritage of the Maldives while embarking on a deeper introspection.

Oaga Handhuvaru: The first movement bathed in the cleansing energy of the full moon, guiding listeners to connect with its magic and embrace its power for mental and spiritual clarity. This was a call to set intentions, manifest dreams, and embrace the illuminating energy of a new cycle.

Abadhuves: This second piece resonated with heartfelt blessings and well-wishes for the audience. Positivity swirled in the air, carried by the melody promising happiness, success, and prosperity. It was a sonic shield of protection, a prayer for health and abundance on everyone’s journey.

Blessings: The final act culminated in a transformative experience using sound and movement. Guided by Xubba and Laura’s voice, participants embarked on a journey of visualisation, deep breathing, and intentional movement. This was a chance to connect with inner strength, release tensions, and embrace a sense of liberation and empowerment.

Hoba Spa: Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Wellness

Rooted in ancient Maldivian traditions, Hoba Spa at Oaga Art Resort is a modern-day alchemist, blending age-old wisdom with contemporary healing techniques. Led by Xubba and Laura, Hoba Spa’s mission is to nurture, heal, guide, empower, educate, and inspire individuals on a transformative journey to well-being.

At the heart of Hoba Spa are the HOBA ‘Beysverin,’ gifted therapists with an innate sense of touch. They become personal guides, tailoring journeys to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, leading guests towards a balanced and virtuous state of well-being.

Specialized Moon Therapies: Embracing the Lunar Influence

To further enhance the holistic experience, Hoba Spa offers moon therapies aligned with the lunar cycle. These Sandhu Moon Therapies harness the moon’s energy, boosting vital energy and balancing the body and mind. This rhythm extends to moon rituals held every new and full moon, as part of the Dulhaheyo (wellness) offering.

Kalhu Foe’ (New Moon): A therapy focused on new beginnings and renewal, it cleanses and renews with an upper body treatment, exfoliation with local herbs and sea salt, and a revitalising massage.

Handhuvaru (Full Moon): A celebration of healing and transformation, it features a full-body and face illumination, invigorating coconut and herbs exfoliation, and a signature massage that stimulates energy flow.

The sound healing concert at Oaga Art Resort wasn’t just a melody; it was a tapestry woven with the threads of Maldivian tradition and designed to elevate the mind, body, and soul. As the waves of healing sounds resonated under the last full moon of the year, they marked not only the end of a chapter but the promising beginning of another—a journey into well-being guided by ancient wisdom and modern expertise.