Veyoge Gallery Pool Villa

A mystical cabin with an exquisite art collection

Inspired by the story of ‘Khalid and Sitti’; the Veyoge Gallery Pool Villas are fashioned after the home where these star-crossed lovers spent their nights. These spaces are designed to make guests feel stimulated and safe, enhanced from the outside by an invisible mirrored exterior that recalls the magic of Khalid and Sitti’s legend. Some say that the lovers jumped into a lake and became mystical creatures, never to be separated from each other ever again.

…take a dip, pour a sip, let the lights and the colours guide your inner flame, the jewel waters and walls adorned; a timeless journey has come, and it calls your secret name.

“…the morning sunrays stream through the glass-paneled doors, past the sleeping chandelier to light up her skin as she lays, comfortable in a cocoon beside him. His coffee is like a bright star on the table, and his attention moves from the curling steam rising from the cup to the bright oasis pool that awaits them outside. He swims freely among his thoughts, the book in his hands forgotten as he turns and sits to wake her. Suddenly, his eyes find one of the frames on the wall. He hadn’t noticed the gold before, not last night when he first set eyes on the portrait. Now his gaze is enraptured, and he can’t help but move for a closer look…”

What this suite offers

  • 46 sqm
  • Direct pool access
  • Outdoor shower
  • Entertainment system
  • Mood lights
  • Wi-Fi
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