humam ibrahim mohamed (a.k.a humam)

“Repetition legitimises.” – Adam Neely, American YouTuber, bassist, and composer

Humam explained his favourite quote in detail, “In music, let’s say I am playing something and accidentally hit a wrong note, if I hit it twice it becomes purposeful. This resonates for me in life as well; if you do something habit forming, it becomes a part of you.”

His formal educational involves both psychology and sound engineering, beyond which he self-taught music theory and composition. This virtuoso performer plays multiple instruments including guitar, bass and the keys. You can catch his one man band looping performances around our island, intuitively playing through his emotions which resonates and soothes. He is also the mastermind behind the musical score and soundscape for the theatrical dining of Samaasaa. Working at Oaga has been a journey in itself, of self discovery and the dynamics of working in a team. He looks forward to developing his skills at Kaa Studio, producing and working with international clients and film compositions in the future.

Curious as a child, Humam loved breaking things apart and putting it back together. He was drawn to science and his favourite pastime was to read up on encyclopaedias and fact books. Although Humam never met him, his grandpa was a really good lyricist during his time, who wrote songs such as “Shaadhee Ghaanaa” and “Paris Evening” for the Maldivian music legend Dhohokkobe.

Humam claims that he does not listen to music as much as he should, and when he does, it is usually funk, jazz, blues and anything derived from these genres. His go-to chill music includes bands such as Vulfpeck.

In his free time, Humam focuses on his mental and spiritual well being by journaling and playing multiplayer online games. His biggest source of inspiration is his wife Shaards, an amazing writer who has shown resilience to any turmoil life has thrown at her, which Humam admires beyond anything. He dreams of becoming a self-sufficient artist with an online practice and ultimately wants to move to a country like Canada with the promise of a lot of good music and opportunities world-wide.


humam ibrahim mohamed (a.k.a humam)