Nadee Rachey (a.k.a Nadee)

“All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself.” — Chuck Close

With an admiration for the Maldivian Oceans and a penchant for painting, Maldivian-based artist Nadee creates hypnotic studies of ocean bodies. From crashing waves to a slow-rising tide, she explores a unique experience in each piece, using her masterful skills to make the water as lifelike as possible with watercolour as her primary medium. She predominantly works with blue, turquoise greens and black pigments, beautifully accented by the white, green and brown hues that represent sea foam, tides and ripples.

Nadee communicates through patterns & forms using visual elements of repetition within nature and its organic fractal geometry. Her current work focuses on elements of water and ocean, and she hopes to expand into other natural surroundings.

To Nadee, art is as much about the approach and method as it is about the completed piece. She views her paintings as an escape and is most content when she becomes fully engrossed in her craft. Both an exploration of nature and a means of reflection, each painting is more than an aesthetically pleasing portrayal of the sea.

At Oaga Art Resort, Nadee has found a space to keep doing her; to grow with her work while also exploring ways she can do her part on this new journey and contribute to art in Maldives. Here, she leads the team at Suvāsthi Retail & Art Gallery where you can catch her at work. Her oceanic art is also depicted in the wall murals of Haruge Beach Villas!

Nadee Rachey (a.k.a Nadee)