Hassan Emaan (a.k.a Revi)

“Inspiration is everywhere for me. I try not to imitate the work of others. It’s important to respect that everyone has their own styles, and to try and compose harmonious elements towards your own signature as an artist.”

Revi grew up in Malé with parents that gave him and his siblings the opportunity to go wherever they desired creatively. Today, he values his humble foundations as the secret to his caliber breathing life into brands created in Maldives.

From the beginning, Revi was exploring design work; he’s been employed as an illustrator, typographer, 2D Animator and commercial designer attached to creative platforms like Vibe Magazine. Revi’s foray into illustration started with his work for Oala, a visual learning app for children in the Maldives, where he met his alter ego Hassanube while learning caricatures.

Big on experiencing things to the maximum, Revi wants to see if there is a limit to be reached as a digital artist. Revi finds Oaga the perfect place to challenge his limits and build a brand identity that is also its own organic platform to showcase his creativity.

Things that give Revi most peace include the sea and time in nature; he and his wife Ifa spent long years exploring India during her studies. Revi used to be a surfer and boogie boarder; he now finds free diving most therapeutic because it allows him closeness to life underwater. As a believer in unlimited creativity, Revi really enjoys adapting new things he learns into developing his own style as a digital artist.