Mohamed Shiuz (a.k.a shiuz)

Every Maldivian has heard Shiuz’s groovy tunes before. He first broke through in Maldives’ music scene with an original single he made when he was just 14 years old, and the rest is history, spanning a charismatic career that spotlights the best of our island nation’s affinity for the musical arts. His father was a keyboardist in a local band and is Shiuz’s greatest inspiration in how he approaches his craft.

Shiuz remembers being super anxious when he first started performing, and swears the secret is in practicing so much no one knows to pick up on what’s underneath the surface. Consistency within the craft is exactly what he’s been imparting as a mentor to young musicians today. As a seasoned performer, Shiuz believes in the best music being born of fair and collective efforts by individual contributors who feel valued and nurtured in their work.

Shiuz works with the Vibe team to deliver certified good-vibes that reflect the feel of our brand. He contributes in the ideation stages to make sure we hit the mark with the energy we want to infuse into Oaga’s specially-curated experiences. When he’s not jamming, Shiuz can be found out on the water in a colourful canoe; he wasn’t big on it before, but now the ocean is the biggest love of his life right next to music!

Mohamed Shiuz (a.k.a shiuz)