Ahmed Sobah (a.k.a Toxicrew)

“Always late. Try to deceive destiny.” — Gonçalo Ribeiro

Ahmed Sobah is a contemporary artist and activist who emerged from the busy streets of Malé city. Sobah is a creative force that continues to influence and be influenced by his community. Starting his career in art at the turn of the century, Sobah began painting murals at festivals and other events in the heart of Maldives. Much of his work is based around exploring free expression with youthful and rebellious energy.

Sobah’s experience spans a career punctuated by vivid, synergistic collaborations that support his community through tough times with the power of art and honest expression.

Drawing on his primary muse, there is a spark in Malé that both frustrates and inspires Sobah to create his best work. Every urban space has its own unique character. Sobah’s art is about expressing truth as he feels it, spotlighting “disturbing” realities with clear elements of activism and catharsis in his process.

At Oaga Art Resort, Sobah is an all-round powerhouse working on the characters, colours, design and experience elements that make up the core of our brand. His street art is depicted on all our bathrooms and the walls of our arrival hall at Raa Baa!

Ahmed Sobah (a.k.a Toxicrew)