Aishath Zulfishan (a.k.a Xubba)

Beys Goyye is the Maldivian word for a wise and learned woman of medicine, and this describes our Xubba perfectly! She is a pioneer in her own right, having dedicated over 16 years to the Spa Industry in Maldives with multiple achievements and accolades under her belt. Under her guidance and creative vision, HOBA Spa was developed as a one-of-a-kind island experience designed to guide guests towards holistic and transformative wellness based on the principles of traditional Maldivian hospitality and healing. She drew the perfect blueprint that has allowed us to open a portal in time and redefine how we understand wellness in the modern, fast-moving world of travel and tourism.

Xubba believes everyone is going to have a unique healing experience, because everyone is ailed with different things seen and unseen. She stands fast by her belief that personalised treatments trump wellness-off-the-menu, and we are so happy to have her unique, individualistic touch apparent as such an important cornerstone of our brand. Designed with Maldivian healing experiences enhanced with modern elements to deliver a Maldivian journey to the senses, HOBA Spa represents a true reconnection to our ancestral roots and island lifestyle, as ideated by Xubba.

A mother, therapist, Beys Goyye, spa consultant and healer, Xubba’s methodology revolves around intentions and the magic of traditional Maldivian Medicine, as she has learned them from her home, family, and mentors over the years.

Aishath Zulfishan (a.k.a Xubba)