Love, Loss, and Legacy: An Epic Maldivian Tale Reimagined at Haruge Beach Villa

Nestled amidst the azure expanse of the Maldives, Haruge Beach Villa transcends the realm of a mere luxury resort. It’s an artistic tapestry, woven with threads of Maldivian folklore, breathtaking design, and the poignant love story of Dhon Hiyala and Alifulhu.

Step into the villa, and the high, angled ceilings, reminiscent of traditional boat-building huts, evoke a sense of groundedness amidst the ocean’s vastness. Your gaze is immediately drawn to the centrepiece: a king-sized bed adorned with a tapestry depicting the star-crossed lovers’ epic tale. Each brushstroke whispers their journey, from Alifulhu’s fateful dream to Hiyala’s hidden beauty, their passionate union, and their tragic end in the mystic jellyfish’s embrace.

But the story doesn’t rest there. Three Maldivian artists, Sobah, Mamdhuh, and Nadee, breathe new life into the legend through their evocative murals adorning the villa walls. Sobah‘s concept explodes with a kaleidoscope of emotions, capturing the layered drama of the narrative. The collaboration between Sobah and Mamdhuh, uses subtle and stark visual elements to pique curiosity and ignite a deeper exploration of Maldivian culture. And Nadee’s masterful strokes dance across the canvas, mimicking the rhythm of the ocean, mirroring the lovers’ joy, sorrow, and the ultimate sacrifice of their love.

Murals by Sobah a.k.a. Toxicrew:

“This old folklore tale has a theatrical and seemingly dark ending where the star-crossed loves are killed by a toxic jellyfish. I took that final moment and focused on the cast of characters and their layered emotions translated into a spectrum of colours and organic forms that reflects the twists and turns of this epic.”

Mural Collaboration by Sobah and Mamdhuh:

“Each piece began as a colour palette based on the scenes from Dhon Hiyala & Alifulhu story. The mural presented visual elements (both subtle and stark) from the narrative to stir the natural curiosity of the viewers, encouraging them to dwell deeper into Maldivian culture and history”.

Murals by Nadee:

“My mural concept for Haruge Beach Villas aimed to narrate the poignant tale of “Dhonhiyala & Alifulhu” using dynamic motion and a spectrum of emotions conveyed through colours. The core inspiration behind the mural stemmed from the ever-changing seascapes and the perpetual motion of waves. From dawn to dusk; the play of sunlight, akin to a prism, casting a diverse range of colors from the sky to the ocean’s surface, served as a metaphor symbolizing the nuanced emotions woven into the narrative.

The story unfolds from a state of bliss, transitions to grief, and descends into an ill-fated departure. Each seascape intricately illustrates the life and tribulations of “Dhonhiyala & Alifulhu” throughout their love story. The ebb and flow of the vast ocean mirror the emotional highs and lows experienced by the two lovers, capturing the essence of their first encounter, the profound emotions they shared, and the sacrifices made for one another. The story concludes in the heart-wrenching separation, both from each other and from this world.

Through these murals, I offer my interpretation of the renowned love story of the star-crossed lovers, aiming to capture the depth and complexity of their emotions through the interplay of motion and colors.”

Stepping into the villa’s outdoor shower area, inspired by traditional open-air bathrooms, invites a connection with nature. Banana leaves rustle in the breeze, echoing the whispers of ancient secrets. Playful murals by Sobah, featuring a rooster and a cat, add a touch of whimsy, reflecting the islander’s spirit – active by day, watchful by night.

Finally, step outside and immerse yourself in the circular pool, reminiscent of the “vevu,” the Maldivian royalty’s traditional baths. The pool’s vibrant mural, a collaborative creation by Sobah, Mamdhuh, Faudii, and Keyolhu, is an explosion of organic lines, colors, and shapes, mirroring the dynamic currents of the Maldivian seascape. Beyond the pool, it’s your direct access to the beach and the seashore welcoming you.

Haruge Beach Villa is more than a place to stay; it’s an experience. It’s a testament to the enduring power of love, a celebration of Maldivian heritage, and a canvas for artistic expression that leaves you breathless long after you’ve left the shores. So, come, lose yourself in the rhythm of the waves, let the Maldivian sun kiss your skin, and allow our Haruge Beach Villa to unveil the depths of a love story that transcends time and mortality.